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For ourselves and as examples for our wonderful children, we are big believers in the importance of having exercise as a part of our daily routines as much as possible, so when we discovered ballroom dancing, we added it into our active lives.  We appreciate how lucky we are that we have overcome or avoided serious health concerns and can enjoy such things as running, biking, hiking, kayaking, golf and skiing.  We are very happy to do our part to help those with kidney disease try to restore the quality of their lives.  The fact that our help goes beyond the financial and involves dancing together is an added incentive.  We can't wait to perform for you, so buy a table, vote for us and let's fight kidney disease together!

My friends say...
2/21/2013Good luck guys! We hope that you take home the big prize!!!First Fidelity Bank
1/17/2013Break a leg! Best of luck!!Madeleine & Brian
1/11/2013You two look fabulous!! Good luck.Alisa Timm
12/22/2012Good luck Mary & Chris!Anonymous
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