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2/22/2013You go girl!!!! I am so glad I got to see the dress rehearsal!!!! I will be thinking of you tonight and wishing I was there!! xoxoxo Let's go out soon - I want the follow up!Kelli York
2/22/2013Good morning! Tonight's the big night and I just want to express how extremely grateful and overwhelmed I've been by all of your support! Whether it was a donation, or some words of encouragement, I really appreciate it! I can't believe today is finally here, but I am ready, thanks to my incredibly talented dance pro, Damir Karaman and his wife, Nina! I also want to especially thank Heidi Teets and Jaime Wright, my liaisons and pillars of strength through this process. They have helped in every aspect....fundraising, raising awareness, organizing me, dresses, etc! I could not ask for 2 better friends!! Thank you to my brother, Michael, for "volunteering" me for this. What an incredible journey it's been. I've met so many new friends, strengthened old friendships, and have a new hobby! Love you, Mike! That's all for now....see you on the dance floor! XoxoNicole Bidwill
2/21/2013Kick, Flip, Splits, Kick, Step and Twirl.....don't Twurk! Nik
2/20/2013Heading your way! See you Friday! XOXOBecky
2/19/2013Nicole, I'm so glad we were able to meet before the big event! All of your practicing will definitely pay off, you will be fabulous! Looking forward to seeing you and your dance on Friday :)Stephanie Sandor
2/19/2013Nicole, your positive mental attitude and beautiful smile prove that you have what it takes to win on, and off, the dance floor. Hope those boys are cheering you on Mom, because you are a one-in-a-million mom to take this on. Best of luck!!!Colleen
2/17/2013from Victoria's mom: you are an inspiration, not only for the hared work you are giving to the Kidney foundation but for all the other precious things you give back to society for, especially the children. I am so impressed with you. You are beautiful inside and out!!!!!Marilyn Byerly Kilponen
2/16/2013I loved the video! What an inspiring thing to watch. I am so proud of you in your hard work and dedication. I know you are going to rock the house! All my love and hugs!!Tara Cavanaugh
2/11/2013I just wanted to say thank you for your support of the Arizona Kidney Foundation with your wonderful dance. Like Roy Green, I had a kidney transplant in 1985 - that's 27 years ago. My older sister was my donor. Back then I couldn't go back to work for six months! I'm so glad Roy is doing well and got back to golfing. I've been a Cardinals Season Ticket Holder since they moved to Arizona in 1988, my kidney only 3 years old. I got to see Roy Green play and he was a favorite of mine! Thanks again, Nicole, for doing this dance, not only to help Roy, but also to help others who don't have a related doner.Barbara Baker
2/6/2013Nicole!!! You are dancing right next to my desk right now, and I am trying not to drool watching your SWEET MOVES!! You are going to rock everyone's socks off!!!!! :-)Michelle Argueso
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