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My friends say...
3/7/2013Hey Lauren, We heard that you did a wonderful job! Good for you! We wish that we were there to see it:( I realize that our donation is a bit late but I didn't know that $ translated to VOTES!!! OMG...SO SORRY!!!! Anyways, we know that isn't what matters most, of course. We're so proud that you worked so hard for so long for such a great cause! John & Gra and Liz & Justin
2/19/2013Lauren, I'm so happy we were able to meet before the event... counting down the days! I'm looking forward to seeing you and your dance on Friday, you will be wonderful!Stephanie Sandor
2/18/2013Wish we could be there to see this! As you are blessed with poise, natural beauty, and capable of a few tatty moves, this should be good! Applause to you for dancing for such a wonderful cause. You will shine! Love, Kathy and Lisa Kathy Vance and Lisa Love
2/17/2013Lauren, we can't wait to see you sashay across the dance floor!! On standby will be Michaela and Kylie, they can always whip out a flip or full! You will do GREAT and we are VERY proud of you!Amy and Tom Mariucci
2/17/2013Mommmmm I am so proud of you!! You look beautiful and you are going to do amazingly well!! Just don't get low or you may split your pants like I do. Ill be watching don't worry!Forrest
2/16/2013Lauren you go girl! We are all cheering you on to victory. Way to be a role model for everyone over 50! You are the poster child for staying active!Deb. Hubers
2/16/2013Wow, Lauren. When we all hooked up with Anne in La Jolla, I had no idea you were thinking of this. You are a brave soul !! I love the videos. Very real...... Way to go and best of good wishes. Truly adorable videos.Sharon DuPont McCord
2/16/2013Lola-can't wait to see you strut your stuff!! You will be AMAZING!!Penny Rady
2/12/2013Lauren, what an amazing thing you are doing for a wonderful cause. With those moves along with your beauty inside and out, I know you're going to steal the show!!! xoxo..... Christina Provenzano
2/12/2013hi lauren, i just watched your video. sure, it's not about winning, golf partner!!! when is our next match anyway? can't wait to see you making some moves on the dance floor next week. hugs, lottaLotta
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