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Thank you very much for visiting my page. Now those of you that know me well are most likely aware of one glaringly harsh truth….I can't dance. Not only can I not dance, I'm actually the guy out on the dance floor that people usually laugh and point at and say, "awe that's sweet….look at how hard he's trying." Yep, that's me, the "look how hard he's trying" guy. For that reason, it's probably safe to say that dancing in front of people is definitely not in my comfort zone. I'm much more comfortable leading a business meeting or climbing up the side of a glacier than I ever will be busting a move in front of 800 people. So why am I doing this? It's simple…I believe in the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona. I believe in the people they are fighting for. I've had two individuals very close to me that were impacted by kidney disease. I have seen just how lifesaving the gift of a new organ from a generous donor can be. When you see this firsthand, it inspires you to want to help. So that's what I'm doing…trying to help. Remember that as you see me out on that dance floor doing my best to not fall flat on my face. If a guy with two left feet can help make a difference for those that need it most…so can you. Lets do this together.

Jason Funk

My friends say...
11/19/2012I've had the pleasure of working with Jason for the past few years at Western Window Systems. During that time, he has guided our company to record setting growth that has seen our company nearly triple in size (in spite of the bad economy). While this amazing professional success has garnered him a lot of attention and well deserved recognition, what impresses me most is the way he has continued to focus his personal life on things that really matter. Jason's board-level leadership in several non-profit organizations, his commitment as a boy scout den leader, and his steadfast focus on being an outstanding husband and father are what truly make him successful. While I do enjoy making fun of him for being a part of a dancing contest (the guy is a HORRIBLE dancer), I know he is doing it because he believes deeply in the cause of the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona. I'm proud of the legacy of impact that Jason is building, and I'm proud to support my friend in his effort to win "Dancing with the Stars." If he doesn't, at least I can laugh at him while he tries. :-)Scott Gates
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