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Hi there! I'm glad you clicked on my page! Thank you for visiting! Now, get comfy... I'm going to explain why I'm doing this. Read on...

So, here's the deal: ballroom dancing is tough. In fact, it's downright hard to do. And I have quite a bit of dance experience under my belt. I started ballet lessons almost as soon as I could walk. And I continued them ... for 17 years. Ballet wasn't just something I did, it was something I looked forward to, something I dreamed about. Dancing quickly became a passion and I loved it. Still do. Except now I don't just love ballet ... I also love Zumba! Now, let me let you in on a well-known secret in the dance world: ballroom is absolutely nothing like ballet. Or Zumba. In fact, in order to ballroom dance - I have to retrain my body in how I walk and move.

I realized ballroom was not going to come easy after leaving my first rehearsal. Walking out to my car I thought, "Uh, how am I going to get through this? This is really difficult." Then another thought dawned on me: "Jenn, you have a really skewed definition of difficult." Right there, in the parking lot in front of the dance studio I had just left, I realized what a blessing it is to have health and the ability to dance - ballet, ballroom or anything else.

You see, difficult is not being able to dance. Difficult is not being able to go out for an evening walk with your husband. Difficult is watching the world around you while you're forced to sit out. Difficult is receiving a diagnosis that sounds like a death sentence. Difficult is facing a battle against a killer like kidney disease.

So, yes, I'm going to struggle to learn some new dance steps and a new style of dance. But like you, I'm fortunate. The difficulties most of us face on a daily basis pale in comparison to the fight against kidney disease. Because I'm determined to make that horrible fight a little bit less difficult for so many others, I'm going to ask you a favor:

Please, sponsor me by making a donation to the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona.

Together, let's give someone hope. Let's give someone a chance to experience joy - to dance, to run, to sing - or do whatever they love! Bottom line? You and I can help someone celebrate life.

Thank you.

-Jennifer Leibowitz

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12/14/2012Yay Jenn! Love the video, I'm rooting for you!Jessica Poland
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