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Born and raised in Arizona, I am committed to giving back to this community which is why my husband and I agreed to co-chair Dancing with Stars Arizona 2011 with our great friends Denise and Tom Shorall.  We worked hard but had a lot of fun along the way!  We also talked (and BEGGED) several busy, talented and fabulous community leaders into dancing in last year’s event so I could hardly say no when I was asked to dance this year. 


I AM NOT A DANCER!  I’m a lawyer, a lobbyist, a runner and a spinning instructor at Studio 360. . .but not a dancer!  I thought my high school cheerleading might help a little, but my dance teacher, Decho, has spent many hours getting the cheerleader OUT of me (although he gave me one cheerleader moment. . .don’t blink or you’ll miss it)! 


I am dancing for my late father and mentor, Charlie Stevens, who is always in my heart and my mom and best friend, Evelyn Stevens, who will be in the front row cheering me on as she has been all of my life!  I think she still believes I can do anything. . .and I don’t want my dance to prove her wrong!  I keep practicing in hopes that I can give her a good performance to ring in her 80th birthday!   I owe everything I am to my parents and love them dearly!


I hope you will support me (because I need all the help I can get. . .really)!  And, more importantly I hope you will support the many people the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona helps every day! 


My friends say...
2/24/2012Good Luck Susie! You're almost there.Colleen, Andie & Steph
2/24/2012Yes, I still believe YOU CAN DO ANYTHING 'cause I've seen it.Char, Kevin, all the family and all my friends will be cheering for you.....go and have fun, Love, MomEvelyn Stevens
2/22/2012Good luck, Susie! We'll owe you a Dairy Queen ice cream cone if you win. Our friend, Dan, is cheering for you, too!Ludwig & Kenya
2/22/2012We'll be rooting you on from Maryland, Susie! Way to go for one of my favorite charity organizations. Wish I could be there. Love, KatieKatie Shaver Barnard
2/11/2012Susie, it is so remarkable that you have taken time to support this great cause. I will be watching the U tube feed from Utah, but baby you have my vote! Go get em! Just lose yourself and shake shake shake.....Robin Blackstone
2/5/2012Susie, I know your dad will be right there too, with your mom, watching the beautiful daughter they are both so proud of. You CAN do ANYTHING! And you do it all with love and grace. You'll be great. Dance on!Kristen Boilini
2/5/2012Hi Susie... while I cannot be there in person to cheer you on, I will be thinking and praying for you and all those involved in this significant cause. I wish you much success and if you win, please save that all jogs class for the week of May 14th, when I am back for my son's graduation from Brophy :)). My regards to my 360 Spin family! Much love... M.Mary Carbajal
2/4/2012You have a heart of gold, a keen mind, a body that doesn't quit and a spirit that shines a bright light inspiring us all. We love you and I have complete faith that your performance will rock the room and you will win!Wendy Imbornoni
2/4/2012Go Susie! You are beautiful inside and out. Please after you win do not leave us all at spinning to go to Hollywood! Have fun! P.S. You need to add expert dog dragger to your list of activities!Kathy Genta
1/23/2012Susie, Great to see you dancing in memory of your father. He was always one of my favorites. I will be cheering you on. AmandaAmanda Ormond
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