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Welcome to Kim Sabow's Page

Hello and welcome to my home page!

It is an honor to be a part of the National Kidney Foundation's Dancing with the Stars event,  and I'm especially blessed to have such a talented and patient dance partner in Radomir….or Rado as he insists I call him.  : )

As Governor Jan Brewer's Director of Community Affairs, I have been heavily engaged in the public arena, but never before on the dance floor -- in front of so many critical eyes.

Still, I'm excited about the opportunity because the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona has an incredible 45-year history of dedication to Arizonans - both children and adults - who suffer with chronic kidney disease.

Rado and I are committed to winning -- with the same enthusiasm that I hope you will show in taking a moment to support NKF AZ.   Your support and contribution will not be wasted because 83 cents of every dollar you donate goes directly to patient programs and services.  Your vote for Rado and me will not be wasted either because, just like the success of these NKF AZ programs, Rado and I intend to win!

Please join me in supporting this wonderful cause and cast your vote now.  Your gift, large or small, will make a tremendous difference in the lives of so many.  Thank you!

My friends say...
2/24/2012Dance your ass off!Cal and Peyton
2/23/2012Go get 'em tonight Kim!! i know you'll do awesome -- i know you got the moves to win the title! i'll be thinking of u!!Molly
2/22/2012Team Kim! That looks like so much fun. You'll do great! Best of luck!Linda Woodbury
2/22/2012Congratulations Kim! I can't wait to watch.Laura French
2/17/2012Here's wishing you the best of luck, which, when combined with your talent, and your competitive spirit ... well, let's just say ... the other competitors will regret they ever signed up.Mark G.
2/16/2012You are ready.......can't wait!Dave
2/14/2012Kim I will be with you in spirit! Shake it lady you are awesome and sure to be the big WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love,Shelley Shelley Adelson
2/13/2012Good luck! While we won't be there in person, we will be with you in spirit and KNOW you will kick some BOOTIE!Andy, Matty, Will and Tommy
2/13/2012Give me a K! Give me an I! Give me an M! What does that spell????? W I N N E R !!!!! Go get 'em and have a blast!Poppie and Woo
2/13/2012Knee-Knee!!! Looking fantastic....counting the minutes until it is SHOW TIME! I can't wait. Just be sure to add a few HIGH KICKS for your big sissy:)lala
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