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Welcome to Tali Lehavi-Hamer's Page

Thank you everyone for visiting our webpage in support of the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona.  Glenn and I are so excited to be a part of this excellent organization.  It is especially thrilling that its fundraiser is through dancing!  I have been using a pillow for dancing since I was a kid!  Thanks to the fundraiser, my BFF is becoming my dance partner!  

We have been inspired by people like our dance teacher Mariyana Vasileva and Eileen Klein who are contributing their time to NKF, as well as by a very dear friend who is living with one kidney.  With so very many joining to help improve the lives of people with kidney disease, it is an honor to lend whatever hand (or awkward dancing feet) we can.      

Glenn's Bio from the AZ Chamber of Commerce and Industry Website:  

Glenn Hamer has been president and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2006. He has overseen the organization's development into one of the most respected pro-business public policy entities in the state. In 2011, Hamer led the business community's successful advocacy for passage of a landmark economic competitiveness package, which was hailed as the most significant job creation legislation passed in the state in a generation.

Hamer has significant experience in energy policy. Before coming to Arizona, Hamer served as executive director of the Solar Energy Industries Association, where he advocated for the return of a residential solar tax credit, strong federal budgets for solar research and development and meaningful state policies to promote solar. Later, Hamer became director of business development and government relations for First Solar.

Other positions Hamer has held in his career include chief of staff to former Arizona Congressman Matt Salmon, executive director of the Arizona Republican Party during a winning U.S. Senate race and as a legislative assistant to Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl, where he worked on issues ranging from identity theft, to violent crime to intellectual property reforms.

Hamer is a graduate of Cornell Universityýs School of Industrial and Labor Relations and Arizona State Universityýs College of Law. Hamer lives in Scottsdale with his wife and three daughters. In his free time, he enjoys tennis and learning Hebrew from his three bilingual daughters.

Tali's Bio from her website and Amazon profile: 

Tali Lehavi Hamer is a an inventor, artist, writer, health educator, and mother to name a few achievements.  She holds several US patents, trademarks, and copyright registrations for inventions, writings, and designs that can also be seen in Macy's and in use by other artists as well. Lehavi Hamer invented a world that is 100% made of hearts, called Planet Heart.(TM)  Through Planet Heart's stories, Lehavi created a positive world that can teach character education values.  Lehavi Hamer's Heartlings who live on Planet Heart communicate love, peace, respect, and "Heartiyoli" by combining their hands to create a heart, a gesture that Lehavi patented, trademarked, and named the HeartMark.  

The heart hand HeartMark gesture is also Lehavi Hamer's own trademark in representing all her work.  From the heart hand HeartMark, Lehavi Hamer developed an entire philosophy on the meaning of several items joining to create this positive, loving space between them.  This inspired her to design a line of jewelry that connects to make a heart, room decor, and of course all the whimsical Heartlings and Heartgarden friends from Planet Heart.  

Through her work, Lehavi  Hamer has also designed many toys, all from the original Planet Heart and the HeartMark inspirations.  She patented a height chart made of individual pieces with measurements--preferebly hearts, so that when a child grows by an inch, they actually "Grow by a Heart"(TM).   Her newest product is a set of cute dice called the Sponaps (TM).  As you can imagine, the dice have magical heart qualities about them.  Toss them to see how many hearts you can create, if any, by connecting the dice.  Lehavi is also proud of her "Power of Infinite Goodness"--a unique logo in which two hearts overlap to create the same heart in every direction.  We all have the Power of Infinite Goodness inside us!   

Lehavi Hamer is waiting for all the heart pieces to be in place before she can promote Planet Heart.  In the meantime, she enjoys spending time with her children, teaching at Gold's Gym her unique "HeartMark Yogalates" fitness program, blogging, and creating activity books from Planet Heart at odd hours of the night.  She is super proud that Scottsdale Healthcare Shea just put in its third order for ten more Heart Mandala books to give out to children!  


Big Thank You and  a huge HeartMark to everyone who is participating in the NKF AZ fundraiser!   My motto is, "The Bigger you Dream, the Bigger You Allow Others to Dream!"  It took one person to think that this fundraiser is a worthwhile idea, and now it has an enormous impact.  


Click here to watch our funny promotional video!  

(Thank you Kindra!)   

My friends say...
2/17/2012Glenn, I was surprised you were doing a waltz, I think you are so much better at the quick step!Dick Hannon
2/10/2012Glenn – I’m happy to support the cause. Are you planning to wear your blue suede shoes?Reginald M. Ballantyne III
2/10/2012Glenn, Happy to support you in your effort, let Tali do the work, that's the only way you can come out of this with your reputation intact.Jim Norton
2/6/2012Wish I could be there to watch this but I'll be in Israel doing some business and visiting Grant. However, I'll donate to this great cause. Good luck and Glenn, DON't break a leg.Alan Frailich
2/2/2012My dear friend Annie almost died waiting for a kidney transplant when she was barely 30. Luckily, the transplant came through, and she just celebrated her 60th birthday. I'm happy to support you in this worthy cause. (Plus, I'm looking forward to the YouTube videos--cha-cha-cha!)Maureen P. Kane
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