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Thank you for taking the time to visit my National Kidney Foundation of Arizona 2012 Dancing with the Stars page! I am a Firefighter and Paramedic with the Glendale Fire Department.  I am proud and honored to be representing your valley firefighters and Local 493 in this years event at the JW Marriot Camelback Inn on Friday Febuary 24th! As firefighters across the valley responding to medical calls, we see first hand on a daily basis the strain Kidney Disease puts on our customers.  The National Kidney Foundation of Arizona is an incredible organization that positively impacts the lives of so many with Kidney Disease and stresses awareness and prevention. I encourage and challenge you to do the same!  Thank you again for your support! Together we can all make a difference!

Know you GFR!

2/21/2012Good luck brother! You will do GREAT!Pool
2/15/2012Only you could pull this off. I won't miss it for the world! Good Luck!AZMANNIMAL
2/13/2012I got your back brother, I'll be there for ya! Go get'em Twinkle Toes!Alex Morales Jr.
2/9/2012Go get em Killer!Jocelyn Brayer
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Chuck Norris Donation: Roundhouse kick. McGyver Donation: Paperclip, rubber band, and a drinking straw. Thank you for your support!