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Welcome to Jenni Croft Badolato's Page

Hey Everyone!  Welcome to my donation page for Dancing with the Stars Arizona!  My goal is to raise as much money as possible so THANK YOU for helping me out!  I decided to do this event for the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona for several reasons.  I have been looking for opportunities to get more involved in the community as well as volunteer and donate my time for important causes.  I decided on “DWTAZ” because I just had a baby and this would give me the chance to do something amazing as well as lose this baby weight!!  I am a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Miami Heat Dancer and Phoenix Suns Dancer so I am confident with my dance skills!  However, I have NEVER ballroom danced before in my life and it is totally different dancing with a partner!  I hope to impress everyone with my routine but it’s been a few years since I have really danced! 

A few Fun Facts About me:

  • I am originally from Wichita, KS
  • I went to Army Officer Basic Training ( I thought I wanted to be a commissioned officer in the Army)
  • I have been on 9 USO Tours with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders from 2002-2005 all around the world.
  • I was a Miami Heat Dancer when they won the Championship in 2006
  • I danced for the Suns from 2006-2008 and Coached till 2009
  • I was on “The Bachelor” in 2007 with Brad Womack on his first time on the show.  I was final 2 with Deanna Pappas and he didn’t pick either one of us!
  • I got married to Dr. John Badolato (Dr. B, the Team Dentist to the Phoenix Suns) in October 2010 in Bora Bora
  • I just had my first Baby Boy, Gio William Badolato, in September of 2011



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