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Why am I participating ?

Every dance show needs a Cloris Leachman or Florence Henderson, right?    Guess, it’s my turn to represent the “mature” set.

It’s been a long time since my parents recorded me in my little pink tutu as I prepared for my ballet recitals.  No one needs to worry, though…I won’t be wearing a pink tutu this time.

What I will be doing is dancing my heart out for a dear friend, mentor, and colleague , Jonathan Walker, the President and CEO of the Tucson Convention and Visitors’ Bureau, and his wife , Diana.  Miracle of miracles…after receiving very sobering news about Diana’s health and failing kidneys that were  functioning at less than 20%, Jonathan was tested and found to be a match!!!  He gave his kidney to Diana in February of this year; and we are so thankful to say that they are both doing well and feel blessed every day!   I am blessed to know them, have deep respect for their love and commitment to each other, and am proud to do what I can to help them and the National  Kidney Foundation.  


My friends say...
2/23/2012Steph, you are a courageous and talented person. We have no doubt you will set the bar high for the other contenders. You'll be stunning - have a fun night.Dick and Jody Fee
2/16/2012Stephanie, Your confidence and grace that I see everyday will shine through as you "Dance as a STAR"! Your commitment to those you love is inspiring. I can't wait to see the complete dance!Linda Ruby
2/15/2012Can't wait to see the performance, I know you will be amazing, fabulous and spectacular, all at once!!!Sandy Hecomovich
2/9/2012Stephanie -- You've always been among the classiest women I've known. What a blessing you are to Jonathan and Diana, who mean so much to all of us at the Metro Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau. Thank you for dancing your heart have my vote!Allison Cessna Cooper
1/31/2012Stephanie, I find it so admirable that you are dancing in honor of Jonathan and Diana. Thank you for being you - you are an inspiration to all!Kathrine Blomquist
1/26/2012You have my vote, Steph. What a wonderful cause and chance to show your "stuff"! Show the younger ones what the "mature ones" are made of. GO, Go, Go!!nita zachow
1/22/2012GOOOOOO STEPH!! You never cease to amaze me with your zest for life and all things awesome! :) We are cheering for you all the way from Georgia! Go dance your heart out!! Love and hugs to you!Kati Dray
1/18/2012I've seen your mastery with foreign language, difficult people, in a classroom, in a boardroom, on an iPad and now this? You can & do, do everything you put your mind to! You inspire me! Kudos & cheers!Josh Yeager
1/13/2012I already know that you are a great dancer. My guess is you will win. You have my vote.Aaron Warren
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