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Thanks for visiting my Donation Page!

While I have done a lot of "tap dancing" in my role as an Arizona State Senator, this experience has been wonderfully unique.  Learning the rumba was made significantly easier due to the experience, patience and prowess of my partner, Ms. Rebecca.  Many people will benefit from the resources contributed through this event, including Ms. Rebecca’s mom, who undergoes treatment for kidney disease!  Even though the economy is a challenge for many, please contribute to this effort so that we may help those in need of life-saving treatment.

Thank you for your donation, and thank you in advance for your vote...for the "Most Likely to Improve If He Takes More Dance Lessons Award".  I may not be the best dancer on the floor, but I promise to at least be entertaining.

Best wishes,

Scott Bundgaard

My friends say...
2/20/2011Always the politician, and as proven by this inteview, Scott missed the dance selection for his natural calling: the Quick (side) Step.Frank Borovsky
2/15/2011Best of Luck Scott!!! You get my vote, I support the underdog :)Tinna Gunnarsdottir
2/14/2011Scott: best of luck. I think I screwed up the deal in terms of a vote for you, but the kidney foundation got some American money.Bob King
2/14/2011You go get it Bundgaard!Gretchen Jacobs
2/10/2011Scott,once again I want to warn you. DO NOT let them talk you into wearing Spandex.Robert Blendu
2/9/2011By the way, I would love it if you would teach me underwater hockey in exchange for helping take down your Christmas decorations!!! And I will also wash your Star Squirrel!!!YOUR #1 NIECE
2/9/2011I've held my breath a few times in your life when you played the leading role in the church play, when you climbed the highest mountain or skiied the highest slope or jumped out of an airplane,so I KNOW you can do the rhumba, as well. (Maybe not underwater hockey) P.S. I'll help you take down your Christmas tree!Barbara Bundgaard (Mother of the STAR)
2/9/2011I know Scott will win. He has the will and power to exert himself when it counts. And maybe when this is over, he will have time to take down his Christmas tree !!!!Kai Bundgaard. Father of the STAR.
2/9/2011Oh how I hope to see you in your dance pants!Anonymous
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